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Receiving a ticket for an alleged traffic violation is often more than just an inconvenience because it can result in steep fines, loss of driving privileges, and increased insurance rates. Even a seemingly minor traffic charge should not be taken lightly. A series of traffic violations can quickly lead to imprisonment or a permanent loss of driving privileges if handled improperly.

Whether you have a speeding ticket, red light violation, or reckless driving citation, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can help save you time and money, as well as potentially serious consequences. Contact Baker & Associates to learn more about your legal rights and options. We can help you understand the charges against you and will work tirelessly to have the charges minimized or dropped altogether. Call us at (866) 853-2888 to discuss your case in a no-cost, comprehensive case evaluation.

What are Common Traffic Violations in Tennessee?

Traffic violations generally fall under two categories: non-moving violations and moving violations. The most serious violations involve those in which the vehicle is in motion, and therefore, poses a threat to others on the road, whereas a non-moving violation typically involves parking a vehicle where it is not allowed to be parked. The most common traffic violation in Knoxville is speeding, which can result in costly consequences.

Moving violations include running a red light, failure to stop, reckless driving, DUI, evading arrest, drag racing, and driving with a revoked, suspended, or cancelled license.

Non-moving violations include illegal vehicle modifications, faulty equipment, and illegal parking, such as parking in front of a fire hydrant, on a sidewalk, or without a zone permit.

Shouldn't I Just Pay the Traffic Ticket?

The penalties and consequences of a traffic violation can vary tremendously based on the circumstances. A seemingly minor violation, such as illegal parking, is still considered a criminal offense and should not be ignored. While it may seem easier to pay off a traffic ticket, it is important to remember that paying the fine is equivalent to admitting guilt, which will result in a conviction on your driving record. If convicted of a traffic crime, you may face the following:

If you are facing consequences for a traffic violation, you are entitled to fight the charges against you, no matter how minor or serious. Please do not wait to contact an accomplished criminal defense attorney to support your case.

How Will a Traffic Ticket affect my CDL?

As a commercial driver, a traffic violation can seriously jeopardize your career. Unlike other motorists, if you have a Commercial Driver's License, you will not be allowed to attend traffic school or defensive driving classes in order to have your case dismissed. You may lose your driving privileges and ultimately, your source of income. It is in your best interests to consult with a defense attorney before paying a fine or pleading guilty to a traffic offense, no matter how minor.

Contact a Dedicated Defense Lawyer

If you have received a traffic citation or have been arrested for an alleged violation, get in touch with a Knoxville traffic violations attorney as soon as possible. It is your right to fight back against the criminal charges against you in order to protect your driving privileges and avoid serious penalties. At Baker & Associates, our skilled legal defense team will fight on your behalf to protect your best interests and obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Please do not hesitate to contact us online or by calling (866) 853-2888.

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, contact a defense lawyer at the law offices of Baker Associates.

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