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Facing a criminal charge in Sevierville or the city's surrounding areas can be a highly stressful experience. The prospect of going to jail and losing your freedom is frightening enough, but there is also your professional and personal reputation to consider. The consequences of even a misdemeanor conviction can have long-term impacts on your ability to find a job, take out a loan, buy a home, and other important aspects of life. If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense in Sevierville, it is important that you consult with an attorney who is familiar with the Tennessee criminal justice system right away.

At Baker Associates, our resourceful legal team interacts with the Sevierville Police Department, Sevier County Sheriff's Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol, the United States Park Service, and other law enforcement agencies on a daily basis. Have us represent you and we'll be sure to stay on top of your case as it develops; no detail will go past us. If you want to learn more about your rights and legal options, please call our Sevierville office at (865) 546-6000.

Criminal Process in Sevierville

When a person is charged with a criminal offense in Sevierville, they are either taken into custody or cited into court. Unlike tickets for municipal offenses, such as speeding, parking, and noise violations, criminal citations require the recipient to appear in court. Generally, a person who is arrested and taken into custody has the right to a reasonable bond (although a recent ruling has taken that right away from those who commit a second offense of driving under the influence (DUI), a startling development). A bond is a kind of insurance that you'll appear in court. The bond amount, which is set by a judge or magistrate, depends on multiple factors, including the severity of the criminal charge, prior criminal record, employment, and community ties. An attorney can file a motion to reduce the bond amount.

A defendant makes his or her first appearance in court before a judge or magistrate in the arraignment process. During arraignment, defendants are informed of their rights, the nature of the charges brought against them, and their right to an attorney. If a defendant is unable to afford an attorney of their own, one is appointed to them by the court. An attorney can have the arraignment waived, if so desired.

Sevierville Courts

All municipal violations in Sevierville Tennessee are process at the Sevierville Civic Center located at 130 Gary Wade Boulevard, Sevierville, Tennessee 37862. Judge Lanning Wynn is the presiding judge for the Municipal Court in Sevierville.

All misdemeanor and felony state violations in Sevierville are processed at the Sevier County Courthouse located at 125 Court Avenue, Sevierville, Tennessee 37862. Federal criminal charges are processed at the Federal Courthouse located at 800 Market Street, Sevierville, Tennessee 37902.

Protecting Your Future

At Baker Associates, we fight aggressively in court to secure optimal outcomes for our clients. We have the knowledge and skills to exploit weaknesses in the prosecution's argument and sway the court to our side. However, if acquittal is not a possibility, then we do our best to negotiate terms that are favorable to our client, such as significantly reduced penalties. For answers to any inquiries about your specific case, call our toll-free number (866) 853-2888.

Sevierville Criminal Defense Resource Center

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