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Under Tennessee law, a person cannot legally drive while under the influence (DUI) of any intoxicant or narcotic drug, including marijuana and certain prescription medications. Anyone who commits this violation can be found guilty of DUI charge and incur severe penalties. This criminal law exists to deter impaired driving, which is considered one of the most dangerous behaviors one can engage in on the road. However, the legal procedures associated with DUI enforcement are often harsh, invasive, and even flawed. In some cases, proceedings are conducted improperly or the arrested individual's rights are violated. If these circumstances apply to you, you may have your charges dropped with the assistance of an experienced DUI defense lawyer.

At Baker & Associates, we understand that facing serious criminal charges can make for one of the most trying experiences in life. Our compassionate legal team makes sure our clients are well-informed of their situation every step of the way. We also utilize the full scope of our knowledge and resources garnered from years of practice to employ the most effective defensive strategies in court. If you are seeking strong legal representation and reliable guidance, call us today at our toll-free number (866) 853-2889.

What is the "No Refusal" Law?

Before the No Refusal law was enacted in Tennessee, individuals suspected of DUI suffered penalties for refusing to submit to a blood or chemical test under the Implied Consent law. Today, they may not even have the choice of refusal. Under the new law, when a driver refuses to consent to a blood test, officers may pursue a warrant for mandatory blood withdrawal. This is exactly as it sounds: a driver can be physically subdued and have their blood drawn from them against their will. Although advocates state that the new law is needed to dramatically reduce DUI accident occurrences, opponents say that law enforcement has gone too far in their fight against impaired driving.

What are the Penalties for Driving under the Influence of Drugs?

The penalties, even for first-timers, are quite severe and may adversely affect one's professional, personal, and social status and relations. They are as below:

Aggravated circumstances, such as the presence of a child at the time of the offense or a serious injury or death, may significantly enhance penalties.

What are Some Possible Defenses for DUI Drug Cases?

A criminal defense attorney should look into the details of your case and analyze every sequence of your arrest starting from when the law enforcement official pulled you over. A defense may be founded upon one or more of the following assertions:

The sooner you can get an attorney on your case, the better. Your memory of the events may fade with time, witnesses may decide to pull their statements, material evidence may disappear – this is why it is vital that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Preserving Your Rights and Protecting Your Future

The Tennessee criminal defense lawyers at Baker & Associates have won favorable outcomes for many clients facing DUI charges in the past. We will fight aggressively for you in court and settle only for the best possible result. Contact us today if you have any specific questions regarding your criminal case.

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