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Woman Charged with DUI at Elementary School While Dropping Off Kids

By admin on May 20, 2015

A 31-year-old mother of two landed herself behind bars after she caused a scene at her children’s elementary school. While dropping her 10 –year-old and 7-year-old off, she caused a crash in the parking lot of Amherst Elementary School on Schaad Road. Authorities were called to the school, and although there were no injuries to anyone involved, the police noticed the woman had slurred speech and could not stand on her feet securely. A subsequent field sobriety test was administered, and though these tests are optional, the woman agreed to take it, and did not perform well. She also agreed to have her blood tested, and was taken into custody.

In addition to all of the dangers involved with driving under the influence, she had both of her children in the car at the time, which could have led to serious consequences. The father and Department of Children’s Services were both informed of this incident. Even though her children weren’t injured in the accident, the mother may still face child endangerment charges in addition to a DUI. If convicted, her custody of the children could very well be in jeopardy. Read the rest »

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Dandridge Man Gets 12 Years for Pleading Guilty to Fatal DUI

By admin on April 10, 2015

A 55-year-old Jefferson County resident was sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to driving while under the influence. No stranger to the courtroom, this is the third time the man has been charged with DUI. Unfortunately in this case, the DUI resulted in a fatal accident.

A 44-year-old Sevierville woman was killed when the intoxicated Dandridge man hit her car head-on. The man was found with empty pill bottles in his car, and later blood tests showed oxycodone, diphenhydramine and alprazolam in his system. With a history of past convictions, the reckless driver is facing heightened sentences and punishments. Read the rest »

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Roane County Commissioner Arrested on DUI Charges

By admin on March 13, 2015

A Roane County commissioner was recently arrested on suspicion of a DUI after a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer stopped the 1992 Chevrolet Silverado around 8 p.m. on Old Harriman Highway. The officer said that he pulled the 59-year-old driver over for a seat belt violation, however, when he approached the car, he reportedly smelled alcohol. The commissioner told the officer that he’d only had one beer before driving, but he was unable to pass a field sobriety test, resulting in the arrest. Read the rest »

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What happens on your Fourth DUI conviction?

By admin on February 11, 2015

In Tennessee, DUI laws are very strict in hopes of dissuading people from getting behind the wheel after drinking. A first time conviction may result in any combination of court-ordered programs, hefty fines, license revocation, and more. When all is said and done- this first offense can cost you up to $7,500 and more, in addition to countless hours spent in a program and/or completing court-ordered community service. But what happens after a fourth DUI offense? While such a situation may seem unlikely, it does happen more than you may think. In addition to being considered a Class E Felony, a fourth conviction has many caveats that make it more than just inconvenient.

First of all, the fines associated with a DUI crime are severe. On your first offense, you won’t be fined any more than $1,500 (which is still a pretty penny). However, on your fourth conviction, fines alone can be as high as $15,000; ten times that of a first offense. Additionally, the fines do not take into account the costs of towing, bail, attorney retainer, high risk insurance, court fees, and mandated class costs, all of which will have to come out of your pocket. Usually, a heavily restricted license will be made available to a driver six months into a year-long revocation, after a first conviction, that is. A fourth-time offender, however, does not have that option and faces a minimum EIGHT YEAR revocation. Read the rest »

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What to Tell Your Attorney for a Successful DUI/DWI Defense

By admin on February 6, 2015

It’s commonly known that the punishments for a DUI/DWI conviction can be severe and limiting, which is why many people will explore their legal options when faced with this situation. For most, facing a DUI allegation will lead to their first experience with hiring a lawyer – and it can be a daunting experience. Everything you say and do, even if it seems unimportant, can make all the difference in your case. When meeting with your attorney, make sure you include the following:

The Absolute Truth

A common mistake that people make is to not be forthcoming with the truth of the situation to their own attorney. It’s important to understand that the attorney works for you, and their job is to persuade the court that they cannot convict you of the current charges without a reasonable doubt. They have your best interests in mind. So, withholding whatever the truth may be helps no one, including you. Your legal representative needs as much information as possible. Tell the truth about previous events, such as prior convictions, and other legal issues you may have had. The information you provide can alter your attorney’s approach to your case, which in turn can help you achieve a desirable result. Read the rest »

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Three Questions You Might Have If You Have to Install an Interlock Device on Your Car

By admin on February 2, 2015

Under Tennessee law, an “ignition interlock device (IID)” is usually required for all first time DUI convictions. These are devices that are hooked directly into your car’s ignition that will allow it to start, given a couple of requirements.

How Does It Work?

The electronic device is installed into the ignition of the car that requires the driver to provide a breath sample before the driver can start the vehicle. After this happens, the driver’s blood alcohol content (or BAC) will be calculated. If the BAC is greater than the allowed level, which in Tennessee is 0.02%, the car will not start, and the event will be logged in a report that will eventually be sent to the court. Additionally, random breath tests are required while the engine is on to ensure the sample provided was authentic and the driver is maintaining a safe minimum BAC. Read the rest »

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Avoiding a DUI Arrest in Knoxville this Thanksgiving

By admin on November 24, 2014

Tennessee State troopers know that the vast majority of drivers on Thanksgiving are either on their way to or from a celebration where there is alcohol. Each Fourth of July, Labor Day, New Years Eve, and Thanksgiving, local and state police are out in force to arrest drunk drivers. You may have noticed red ribbons on Tennessee Highway Patrol vehicles during the holidays last year. That was part of their “Tie One On for Safety” campaign to stop drunk driving last holiday season. This year, you may not see red ribbons, but you will see officers patrolling the city streets at all hours of the day and night.

What should you expect this Thanksgiving? Officers will be out in force looking for signs of intoxication. Over the 96-hour Labor Day holiday period this year, the Tennessee Highway Patrol arrested 56 individuals on suspicion of impaired driving in just nine counties. Over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend in 2012, Tennessee state troopers issued 625 citations including 17 DUIs just in Washington County. Read the rest »

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DUI Penalties in Knoxville

By admin on November 10, 2014

Drunk driving offenses in Knoxville are classified as misdemeanors or felonies depending on the severity of the incident. Even though misdemeanors are not as serious as felonies, the penalties for a misdemeanor DUI can be quite severe. Every case is different, but in general, DUI penalties in Knoxville include mandatory jail time, heavy fines and a lengthy license suspension. Furthermore, a conviction can have long-lasting financial, social and professional consequences.

First-time DUI offenders in Knoxville will face a mandatory minimum of 48 hours of jail time, a fine between $350 and $1,500, 24 hours of roadside litter pick-up, a $100 DUI assessment, a $250 blood alcohol or drug concentration test fee and a year-long license revocation. It is at the judge’s discretion if the first-time offender will also have to install an interlock device, enter a rehabilitation program and perform community service. Read the rest »

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Dont Drink and Drive This Halloween

By admin on October 23, 2014

The Knoxville Police Department knows that on Halloween there will be children on our street and drunk drivers behind the wheel. Officers will be out in full force Halloween Day to deter drunk driving and hopefully prevent pedestrian accidents. During their efforts to protect trick-or-treaters from dangerous drivers, they will be searching for signs of intoxication. If you swerve, speed, run through a traffic light or behave erratically, there is a good chance that you will be pulled over and questioned.

If you are out and about this Halloween, is it important to remember that there will be police enforcement everywhere. You can expect saturation patrols in busy areas near bars and restaurants and even sobriety checkpoints near busy intersections. Therefore, it is in your best interest to call a cab or use a designated driver if you’ve been drinking. This is good advice every day of the year, but it especially important to follow on holidays like Halloween, Fourth of July, Labor Day and New Year’s Eve. This is when \ most drunk-driving accidents occur and when police officers typically make the most arrests. Read the rest »

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Interlock Ignition Devices and DUIs

By admin on October 6, 2014

Tennessee is one of many states that mandates the installation of ignition interlock devices for certain drunk driving offenders. These devices require the driver to take a breath test before starting the vehicle. Some even require an additional test while the car is running. If the driver fails the test, the engine will stop, thus preventing the driver from operating the vehicle.

In Tennessee, individuals convicted of DUI will face a license suspension. If the driver wishes to drive on a restricted license during the suspension, he or she may have to install an interlock device. Some repeat offenders are required by law to install a device and are not allowed to drive without one. Read the rest »

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