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Knoxville Man’s Drug Sentence Commuted by President Obama

By admin on July 15, 2015

Thanks to President Obama’s recent push for prison reform, a Knoxville man was one of 46 federal prisoners who saw their sentences commuted. In a video released by the White House, the President advocated for alternative sentences for nonviolent, drug-related charges, saying that the “punishments didn’t fit the crime.” The man will now be released 8 months early. Read the rest »

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When Does a Drug Crime Become Federal?

By admin on June 24, 2015

First off, any drug arrest can result in a federal drug charge because drug crimes are always state crimes, as well as federal crimes. This applies to manufacturing, selling, and even possession of drugs.

But why is it that some become federal charges while others don’t?

There are a few circumstances which almost always lead to a standard drug crime being elevated to the federal level. They are as follows:

  • A federal officer makes the arrest. This could entail anything from being caught smoking marijuana at a national park to being busted in a sting operation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
  • An informant is involved. If someone informs on you, whether willingly or not, the charge will immediately become federal. State and federal prosecutors often work together to make deals that involve more lenient penalties for the informant and federal charges for the individual informed upon. Read the rest »

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Programs Available To Help Knoxville Addicts Turn Their Lives Around

By admin on June 12, 2015

Drug and alcohol abuse can greatly affect the lives of not only the abusers, but those who are close to them as well. These issues can be financially, legally, and emotionally straining, and often times, it can feel like there is no hope for recovery. The good news is that there are people and programs that are waiting to help anyone in this situation. One Knoxville woman is a living testament to this; she turned a 16-year nightmare into a steady job and a growing relationship with her children all thanks to a program designed to help addicts.

This woman abused drugs and alcohol for 16 years, and struggled greatly along the way. She couldn’t stay sober on her own, no matter how much she tried. These failed attempts landed her behind bars time and time again- even costing her custody of her two children in the process. Things had gotten to such a level that she had accepted that she would die because of her addictions. In 2012, she made a last ditch effort at sobriety, but instead of using her own devices, she reached out to Agape, a program designed for women who had chemical dependencies. The woman took part in a 7-month program that changed her life. In addition to tackling her addictions, she learned valuable life lessons as well. Read the rest »

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Repeat Offender in Knoxville Faces Enhanced Charges for Drug Crimes

By admin on April 30, 2015

A 42-year-old Knoxville man was sentenced to 27 years in prison following multiple convictions on cocaine charges. Neighbors had been complaining of suspicious drug activity since August 2013, and a subsequent search of the residence uncovered 140 grams of crack and powder cocaine, which has a street value of roughly $14,000.

While this sentence may seem long, there are many aggravating factors that have caused this to be. Firstly, this is not the man’s first drug-related conviction. He spent ten years in federal confinement for convictions of ‘conspiracy to distribute cocaine’ and ‘using a firearm during drug trafficking’ in the 1990s. Repeat offenders are usually served harsher, lengthier sentences – and this man’s latest punishment is reflective of just that. In fact- the KPD “Repeat Offender” Squad pursued this most recent case against the man. Read the rest »

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Knox County Man’s Drug Conviction Increased Due to Gang Ties

By admin on March 31, 2015

A grand jury recently convicted a 35-year-old Knox County man of possession with intent to distribute cocaine. The conviction comes just after the creation of the Career Gang Unit of the Attorney General’s office, which specializes in gang-related cases like these.

The penalties for a possession with intent to distribute charge can be serious and life-altering; however, the man had also admitted to being a member of the “Vice Lords” gang in a previous trial several years ago. It is suspected that the current charge is related to similar gang activity, and although the man has not yet been sentenced for the current charge, the alleged gang affiliation enhances the offense to a Class A Felony, which can result in a prison sentence of anywhere between 15 and 60 years. Read the rest »

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Johnson City Man Sentenced to 216 Months in Prison in Plea Deal

By admin on February 17, 2015

A Johnson City man was recently sentenced to 216 months in prison for his role in a cocaine conspiracy. He admitted his plan to distribute between 5-15 kilograms of cocaine in a plea deal. The man, his wife, and a supplier, had negotiated and made sales to a police informant, who collected evidence against all three. The man’s wife is awaiting sentencing, on March 12 of this year.

When law enforcement officers obtained a search warrant for this man’s residence, a subsequent search returned an ounce of cocaine, digital scales, substances used for “cutting” or diluting the drug, cash, money orders, and a gun. The search warrant for the supplier’s house contained similar amounts of crack cocaine and paraphernalia. He was sentenced to 121 months of prison for drug and gun charges. Read the rest »

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Shoplifting Laws in Tennessee

By admin on May 22, 2009

Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg host thousands of merchants that provide their merchandise to the public. Close to 10 million visitors travel from all over the United States to visit the Great Smokey Mountains every year. Theft, particularly shoplifting, is a growing concern among merchants in the area.

Shoplifting can have a very negative impact regarding a businesses livelihood. This is why it is important for both merchants, as well as customers, to be familiar with the law that governs this issue and understand that there are legal consequences for their actions.

Shoplifting detentions are privileged Read the rest »

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