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Amusement Park Accident

Tennessee amusement park accidents are rare, but when they do happen they have a devastating effect on those who have been injured and their families. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's report of amusement park ride-related deaths and injuries states that 67 people died in amusement park ride accidents between 1987 and 2004. Thousands of people get injured each year in amusement park and fair rides. According to the CPSC, 50.6 percent of all amusement park injuries occur to children, mostly those between ages 10 and 14. Females are injured 1.5 times more often than males.

Negligent Amusement Park Owners Liable

Who is liable for injuries, damages or fatalities in the event of an amusement park accident? If an amusement park visitor gets injured, he or she may be entitled to monetary compensation to cover medical expenses and other related costs from the park's owner. The compensation, like any personal injury, depends on the seriousness of the injury and whether any state or federal safety regulations were violated. Amusement park accident victims would be well-advised to seek the counsel of an experienced Sevierville personal injury lawyer for specific legal advice.

Here are a few situations where a park owner may be liable for injuries sustained as a result of an amusement park accident:

Moreover, failure to meet state guidelines is evidence of negligent conduct. In fact, on January 1, 2009, Tennessee began a mandatory inspection program for amusement park rides. Prior to this, inspections were left to individual operators. This created a lack of incentives for the operators, who were often weary of the expense of regular inspections. Today, state inspections have become necessary to ensure that ride operators are meeting guidelines.

Manufacturers of Rides Potentially Liable

Product liability is another issue that may become a factor in amusement park ride accidents. If a defective product caused the accident, then the manufacturer of the ride can be held liable. Where negligence or wrongdoing is involved on the part of the park or the park's employees, families of deceased victims may file wrongful death claims, which usually compensate the families for medical or funeral expenses, loss of earnings and other related damages.

Injured at an Amusement Park?

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